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HAPPY EASTER From Rev. James F. Oropel

HAPPY EASTER From Rev. James F. Oropel

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Risen Lord,

Every year we celebrate the resurrection of the Lord which marks the season of Easter.  The rising of Jesus from the tomb directs the whole world to this radical novelty.  This is why St. Paul tells us, “All of creation is renewed and freed from bondage” (Rm8:21).  Because of this novelty the old order is replaced with the new, the suffering at Good Friday is transformed into the glory of Easter, and the historical Jesus is always contemporary to every man and woman.

You and I are aware of the precariousness that besets our day and time.  There are many lives that are calloused by uncertainties.  But one of the commands that Jesus frequently used is “Rise.”  He used this imperative to the woman’s dead son in Nain’s (LK7:14), to the synagogue official’s little girl (Lk8:54), to the paralytic (Mk2:11), to Peter, James, and John (Mk14:42; Mt26:46), and to his disciples (Jn14:31).  As followers of the Risen Lord, we have the obligation to proclaim and practice the hope of the resurrection so that we can rise above every adversity that may come our way.

With this in mind the solemnity of Easter is never a routine, never commonplace.  The ‘resurrection of Christ’ is never a cliché; it is a phrase that carries much power and meaning for us today as much as it did to the first century world.  Because of the resurrection of Christ there is much more to life than simply existing. Life is about living.

May the peace and hope of Easter dwells in your hearts always.

In the Risen Lord,

Fr. James F. Oropel

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