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Parish History

Originally named "Our Lady of the Lake," the Catholic Church at Lake Elsinore was given mission status under St. Bernardine, San Bernardino, from 1887 to 1893. Then until 1908 its mission status was transferred to Riverside under St. Francis de Sales, with which it was often confused. From 1908-1912 it became part of the larger mission area of St. Anthony, San Jacinto, and gained full parish status with the arrival of Fr. J.J. Burr. In the course of its history, it has been under the jurisdictions of the Dioceses of Monterey-Los Angeles, San Diego and finally, San Bernardino. In 1989 official records list membership at 25 families.

Then in December 1996, with a substantial increase in the Catholic population, the church was moved to Wildomar, where a multi-purpose room serves as the worship center. A building fund project is well underway to meet the parish goals of a permanent church to house 5,225 families today.

This is the original building for St. Frances of Rome Catholic church (left) The church was named in honor of Frances Hampton, the church's founder. Built by William and Frances Hampton in the 1885 on South Spring Street., it was the  first Catholic church in Elsinore named in honor of Mrs. Hampton's favorite patron Saint. 

Below is a more recent photo of the church building on Lowell St Lake Elsinore, CA .