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Arise and Build Brochure

“Rise, let us be on our way” (Mark 14:42)


We the people of Saint Frances of Rome Catholic Church are a sacramental community united in Jesus Christ, rooted in the Gospel and animated by a spirit of welcome and belonging.

We worship joyfully, serve gladly and are stewards of God’s gifts. We nurture spiritual growth through faith formation.

We support one another; invite all people from diverse walks of life to make a community with us; offer comfort to the alienated and the marginalized; spread the Gospel; and, practice our faith in our daily lives.

Arise and Build Capital Campaign

In 2017, we will begin the public phase of the Arise and Build Capital Campaign. With over $2.5 million already secured, the campaign is off to a tremendous start.

The next step is to gather feedback from those who have a close relationship with the parish and who have been supportive of Saint Frances of Rome Catholic Church.

At this time, I am asking selected people from the parish to provide feedback on our vision for the future by completing the enclosed survey and allowing me to schedule time to meet with you.

Your thoughts and insight will be valuable as we develop a plan for the public phase of this historic project.

We will use your wisdom and insight in preparing to introduce our campaign to all who worship with us.

Thank you and God Bless You! Father James

$ 2.5 MILLION Raised * $ 3.9 MILLION Remaining

The Need

Our renovations will;

1. Offer our community a space set apart from the mundane. A sacred space solely dedicated to meet the Divine, so that our people are drawn to a more contemplative and deeper experience of God.

2. Ensure that the parish can continue its work in ministry, formation, education and services, especially to the poor.

3. Provide space for spiritual enrichment, workshops, training and retreats.

Preliminary Estimated Cost

Building Construction:

New Sanctuary Building 19,856 SqFt

Church Wall for Historic Bell 320 SqFt $ 3,108,047

Outside Construction / Site Improvements:

Improve Parking Lot 90,000 SqFt

New Paving and Improvements 57,055 SqFt

Basin Work and Landscaping 76,400 SqFt

Offsite Work 6,150 SqFt

Sub Total 229,605 SqFt $ 1,949,093

Construction Cost $ 5,057,140

4% Contingency Fee $ 202,285

Total Estimated Phase 1 Cost $ 5,259,425

Estimated Design Engineering (10%) 530,263

Estimated-Permits-Fees-County (10%) 530,263

Grand Total $ 6,319,951

Several years ago, through the generous work and sacrifice of donors, the family of faith here at Saint Frances of Rome began a process of good stewardship by setting aside financial resources for it’s future.

Facing changes in the characteristics of the region, the parish understood that its future would have to account for the growth in the surrounding population.

As of the publishing of this brochure, more than $2.5 million has been raised through sacrificial gifts from a handful of the parish’s generous benefactors. As we move forward with architectural designs, acquiring permits, defining entitlements, grading, infrastructure and site improvements, we will continue to provide an understanding of gifts needed to complete our project.

“Stewardship is the Christian understanding of our relationship to God, God’s people, and God’s creation.

Giving is indispensable to Christian discipleship. We express our priorities, values, and love . . by our giving! Giving connects us to our mission of love and service to one another.

“Rise, let us be on our way” as we love and serve the Lord with all of our minds, hearts, and souls.” GOD BLESS YOU!!

Father James

“We are chosen to help create a sacred place of worship here at St. Frances of Rome. The call is to me and the call is to you . . . man and woman, adults and youth, all of us united in the love of the Church where we come to celebrate life through the sacraments. May God provide us with His grace as we build His House. God bless us all!” Father Francis